Technological innovations can only be called great when they create added value for the customer. This is something that was clear to us from the very beginning, and it is still to this day a principle that guides us forward. iLOQ was created to address the challenges related to mechanical locking and improve on digital access management solutions out on the market. We believe we have done just that.

Technology review:

We’re in the business of opening new doors

Mika Pukari
Founder & Member of the board, iLOQ

Everything must start with focusing on the end customer and their needs. With clear and defined segmentation and an understanding of the challenges of each target group we have focused on, we have been able to create innovative solutions that bring true added value. iLOQ was founded on the premise that by bringing together the opportunities that the latest technologies have to offer and an insight into the world of our customers, we can revolutionize the traditional lock and key industry and usher in the era of efficient digital access management. That ambition and industry leadership combined with hard work and humility has brought us where we are today.

We released the world’s first completely self-powered, battery-free electronic locking system to market over ten years ago. This unique solution that harvests the needed energy to operate from key insertion, is still to this day an industry benchmark that others strive towards. The iLOQ S10 locking system is economical, ecological and perhaps most importantly offers a great user experience for installers, building owners and managers and key-holders alike. No wiring, no batteries and no energy consumption; the solution is easy to commission and provides considerable savings over the solution life cycle. This proven solution and the efforts of our dedicated personnel have been the foundation for iLOQ’s consistent growth over the years. To be able to continue on this upward trajectory in this time of digital transformation, we will need to remain humble, keep up to date and stay proactive and light on our feet.

Everything must start with focusing on the end customer and their needs.

We at iLOQ see the NFC technology and mobile app world we are pioneering, as the future of the lock and key. The iLOQ S50 solution we are preparing to bring to market is a natural continuation on the path we set out on in the early days. It utilizes the latest available technologies to bring simple and secure solutions for access management. I suspect that just as the wallet in your pocket is slowly becoming obsolete in the time of smart phones and rapid digitalization, so too will eventually happen to the traditional key. We recognize that technological innovations will keep opening new doors in the future, and we at iLOQ always welcome change. We are well positioned for the inevitable jump to a fully wireless and keyless future and look forward to new markets and business opportunities opening up in the years ahead.

We see the NFC technology and mobile app world we are pioneering, as the future of the lock and key.

Whatever the future brings, our business and operations are fully scalable and quick to adapt. Our software solution is secure in the cloud and hardware production is in the hands of our trusted and flexible contract partners. Just as much as we are grateful for the trust our existing long-term customers have shown us through continued repeat business, we are equally excited to continue on our path of growth and international expansion. With Heikki Hiltunen at the helm, I believe we are set to take another big leap forward in terms of developing our business. Looking at the company I founded in Oulu, Finland some 15 years ago, I am proud of where we are today, and excited for everything that is yet to come.