iLOQ’s environmental programme emphasizes the conservation of natural resources and the environment. This respect for the environment is inherently built in into the company’s products and solutions. These values are also a part of the way iLOQ employees work. We operate sustainably in accordance to the ISO 14001:2015 environmental certificate.

Corporate / Environmental responsibility

Innovation and dedication supports environmental performance

The self-powering feature of our lock cylinders is an environmentally friendly innovation in itself. Not only do our programmable electronic locks work entirely without consuming energy produced outside of the kinetic energy generated by key insertion, but our technological advances have considerably reduced the consumption of batteries throughout the locking solution. Our S10 products on the market use the greenest energy available; the natural movement of the human body.

The electronic keys we use are fully reusable and reprogrammable. This means that both our locks and keys can be returned to their factory settings and recommissioned for use in a completely new locking system. In addition to the possibility for repurposing locks and keys, our solutions are manufactured with components like cylinders, keys, fittings, installation materials and thumb turns, all made of materials suited for metal recycling. We hold suppliers and partners alike, to the same high standards that we choose to follow.

We actively participate in and promote the appropriate recycling of products containing electronics or circuit boards, such as net boxes, key switches, relay cards and key readers at the correct electrical and electronic waste collection points. The same attention to recyclability that we employ in the manufacturing of our products, applies to other aspects of our business as well. We strive to minimize the production of waste in everything we do and favour ecological material selections throughout our process, including fully recyclable packaging for our outbound shipments.

The producer responsibility regarding product recycling requirements set by EU directives are all fulfilled through memberships to the following organizations; The Environmental Register of Packaging (RINKI Ltd.), The Electrical and Electronics Equipment Producers Association (SELT) and the producer organization for portable batteries and accumulators (Recser Ltd.).

Also, we utilise the opportunities presented by ever-increasing digitalisation to further improve our environmental performance. Using the secure cloud for data storage decreases the need for a considerable amount of physical hardware. At the same time, we are continuously developing advanced services that significantly improve the customer experience and reduce the need for travelling, and subsequent carbon emissions, for example by enabling flexible distribution of access rights to keys remotely. iLOQ harnesses both the commitment of our people and the latest technological innovations to ensure that what we produce and sell, and how we go about doing it, always happens in the most responsible and sustainable way possible.

We invest in responsible recycling.

ISO certifications:
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certificate