Unlocking the telecom sector with a mobile solution

iLOQ has refined its offering and operating model to better serve the telecom industry. Our strong global key account model, which transcends geographical and organizational borders, provides dedicated support and our mobile access management solution brings security, sustainability and savings for years to come.

Global operating model for global customers

iLOQ’s new global key account model was first launched to better serve customers such as Cellnex, who have operations spanning across borders. iLOQ signed a long-term framework agreement to become a priority supplier of access management solutions across Cellnex’s network of data centers and telecom towers. Under the new contract, we are currently providing solutions for Cellnex sites in seven different European countries. Cellnex is Europe’s leading infrastructure operator for wireless telecoms, and the number two telecom tower operator in the entire world.

Large multinational companies such as Cellnex have centralized procurement operations and dedicated purchasing professionals. At iLOQ, we are able to sit down and iron out the details in these situations, but also provide the needed hands-on service on a local and country-specific level. This makes for a great combo that benefits both parties. The negotiations with Cellnex started all the way back in January of 2019. The process took its time, but over the course of 2021, iLOQ has already delivered the first 23,000 locks for Cellnex facilities across Europe.

Mobile solution for the telecom industry

The deliveries mostly consist of iLOQ S50 padlocks that can be accessed utilizing the NFC technology found in modern smartphones. “For the telecom industry, which mostly utilizes padlocks to secure their towers, the battery-free iLOQ S50 is a game-changer,” states Joaquim Serrahima, Director of Global Key Accounts, Telecom. “They provide the security and traceability of digital systems while eliminating the need for – and costs related to – regular maintenance and battery changes across all tower locations. Also, using a mobile phone to access a telecom tower only seems right, doesn’t it?” he says with a smile.

Using a mobile phone to access a telecom tower only seems right, doesn’t it?”
Joaquim Serrahima, Director,
Global Key Accounts, Telecom

iLOQ’s digital access management platform convinced Cellnex in the first place. And iLOQ’s S50 mobile access management solution is currently the preferred technology being implemented across most of the Cellnex sites. A keyless solution where the smartphone and app act as the virtual key presented a strong argument that directly addressed one of the pivotal challenges telecom tower operators face – the management and distribution of physical keys used by different people in service operations. Also, the lifecycle savings achievable by selecting a battery-free solution that harvests the needed energy from the mobile phone being used for access have been a key selling point.

“This important agreement with Cellnex is yet another demonstration of the significant customer benefits our market-leading technology can provide. It is a huge milestone for the iLOQ S50 mobile access product line, and we are delighted to be able to support Cellnex in their quest to optimize security,” states Heikki Hiltunen, President and CEO, iLOQ.