A landmark contract spanning across all of Sweden

In August of 2021, a unique global framework agreement was signed in Sweden. SBB – one of Sweden’s, and in fact the Nordic’s, biggest property companies, signed a five-year contract that stipulates that by the end of the contract period the company will have fully fitted at least 50% of their 1600 properties in Sweden with iLOQ solutions.

The importance of understanding scale

We are seeing more and more interest from larger housing associations and property owners with multiple buildings and sites, looking to make the most of centralized solutions that provide great flexibility, scalability and reliability with new digital features and added value. Over greater distances and larger numbers of units, our solution makes a lot of sense in terms of both lifecycle costs and improved experience for both tenants and property management.

SBB is a modern, forward-thinking property owner and centralized housing association operator that is known for its emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability. To them it was clear that they want to eventually move from mechanical to digital access management in all their properties. It was the sustainability and lifecycle cost arguments linked to a solution based on battery-free locks and keys that tipped the scale towards iLOQ.

The trademark attributes of this particular co-operation have been fast decision-making and smart planning. It only took about 6 months from first discussion to signed agreement. This period naturally included running a pilot project to prove the iLOQ 5 Series technology’s performance and capabilities in terms of matching the customer’s demanding needs and sheer volume and geographical coverage requirements.

Sustainability and lifecycle cost factors led to iLOQ winning the SBB contract.”

The role of careful planning

From the very beginning, it was important to create a smart plan that covers both the needs of the first phase of installations, but also the future expansion of iLOQ’s coverage in SBB properties. The project, which will be executed by our partner network across Sweden, is being planned out very carefully. This means defining the project, identifying responsible contact persons and creating the structure and timeline.

It is vital for the long-term success of our partnership with SBB that we do the definition, planning and structuring phases right.”

At the time of publication, SBB properties in Sweden have been divided into four regions, each with their own large-scale iLOQ locking system. This approach has been taken to allow for considerable future expansion in each of the designated regions without the risk of ever finding out what full capacity could mean. In projects of this magnitude, and with the potential to even double in size within a short period of time, it is vital for the long-term success of our partnership with SBB that we do the definition, planning and structuring phases right.

The added value of partnership

When clients such as SBB look for new solutions for their properties, they seek out partners that are all about co-operation and developing and building together, and solutions that deliver value beyond their traditional scope. Through easy integration to other building systems and services – especially with the recent launch of the iLOQ HOME solution – the value of an iLOQ system is much greater than that of the traditional lock and key solution.

The key is no longer just a cut piece of metal – the value of the key today is based on the data and access rights it holds. Both iLOQ and SBB are excited to move forward and lead the way in access management solutions that accommodate a new, smarter way of living.

The value of the key today is based on the data and access rights it holds.”