The hat trick in Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen partnership is building iLOQ’s future in Germany

When German Bundesliga football team Bayern 04 Leverkusen needed access solutions for their 30,210-capacity BayArena stadium, a partner was sought with the expertise to understand their requirements and the technology to meet them. Step forward iLOQ. The end result was a hat trick for us: New business, improved brand awareness and high-quality networking opportunities.

Cooperation that goes beyond sales and marketing

In late 2020, Bayer Leverkusen asked us for a meeting where we presented to them the iLOQ 5 Series. Our solution’s ability to use different ‘keys’ including smartphones, fobs and PIN codes gave the flexibility needed to manage the access rights for such a big club’s many players and staff. The initial meeting quickly led to cooperation. We began the year 2021 with a pilot project with 15 cylinders and 30 keys, which led to the purchase of the first 1,000 cylinders. The strong bond created through success also led to iLOQ signing a marketing agreement with the club for the season 2021–2022. The club has been very proactive in their approach.

It is the relationship born out of this one deal and subsequent marketing cooperation which has had the biggest impact on iLOQ’s business in Germany. Firstly, inside the stadium is a 128-metre-long advertisement visible from the main stand. iLOQ’s logo is also next to the corner flags. But the most impactful benefit of this relationship has been the increase in networking opportunities it has brought along with it. This cooperation has opened new doors for business across Germany, including further discussions regarding other Bayer Leverkusen premises, and also other stadiums in Germany.

The most impactful benefit of this relationship has been the increase in networking opportunities it has brought along with it.”
Sascha Hilgers, Country Manager, Germany, iLOQ

Building sustainable business in Germany

This is changing the way we do business in Germany. Thanks to the introductions and connections we are presented with through this cooperation, the quality of leads has improved tremendously. Instead of cold calling, we are getting access to interested companies and decision-makers without having to start from zero every time. These new connections have already led to substantial business opportunities and increases in sales. The aim of iLOQ in Germany is to ensure that this continues.

Further marketing cooperation activities are already in the works. With the universal appeal that the Bundesliga and Bayer Leverkusen enjoy, we look forward to utilizing the BayArena for further brand building in the German market and worldwide. We are even planning a distinctly blue showroom in the otherwise red stadium, helping us stand out and showcase our technologies to visiting customers. We look forward to hosting customers at game events and holding meetings at the stadium. The premises itself is already a great testament to our solutions and technologies. We are on the right path in Germany with iLOQ.

We are on the right path in Germany with iLOQ.”
Sascha Hilgers, Country Manager, Germany, iLOQ