Employee and partner responsibility

Employment statistics 2018

Number of employees: 129 (86 in 2017)
Women: 23
Men: 106
Average age: 43
Employee turnover: +37 (44 hired, 7 left)

iLOQ employs a diverse group of people with a wide range of individual talents and a shared set of values. All employees in the parent company and subsidiaries enjoy benefits (such as healthcare, insurance, parental leave, retirement fund, etc.) according to local regulations and legislation. We employ a predominantly local workforce and management in our subsidiaries to support the local economy and knowhow. Currently, iLOQ employs 8 different nationalities throughout the organization. We accept no discrimination in the workplace and aim for equality, diversity and respect for human rights within the company and across our partner network.

iLOQ also requires partners to employ responsible practices in their own operations. Our partner contract directly states that partners shall be committed to ethical conduct and respect for human rights in accordance with internationally recognized social and ethical standards, including compliance with international ethical standards such as SA8000.

Employee well-being and incentives

iLOQ is a growing company in the most cutting-edge field of digital technology. This presents employees with the opportunity to have an active role in the definition and development of their role in the organization. A flat organizational structure and open culture encourages continuous learning and personal and professional development. All new positions are opened first for applications from internal candidates. Comprehensive on-boarding events as well as individual orientation are organized for all new employees.

We support our employees in participating in trainings, cross-organizational projects and other activities aimed at the development of professional skills, both during and outside of work. Personal performance review meetings are organized with all employees twice a year. Appraisal of work, employee grievances, career development ambitions and development goals are covered in these one-on-one meetings. Internal workshops and staff questionnaires are also regularly utilized to monitor employee satisfaction and identify areas of internal development.

We also organize regular internal competitions, such as sales competitions with rewards often related to our sponsored sports and activities. In 2018, these incentives included tickets to CHL ice hockey matches and WRC rally events.

Workplace health and safety

The health, safety and well-being of staff is carefully monitored. During 2018 no work-related injuries resulting in missing work were recorded. Also, no considerable risks to health or well-being were recorded. Our corporate premises all operate following 5S methodology (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) to ensure a clean, safe and organized workplace.

All missed work days due to sick leave are reported to relevant authorities according to local legislation. According to records, there was a total of 133 days of doctor-approved sick leave given during 2018. This number includes work missed due to common illnesses, but also work missed due to illness in the family (children).

In addition to monitoring workplace health and safety, we encourage staff to proactively participate in initiatives that improve general health and fitness. In 2018, the staff at the Oulu HQ participated in a bike-a-thon campaign called Kilometrikisa organized in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Culture. Over the course of the campaign period, the staff racked up a total of just over 12,189 km of cycling, averaging in excess of 812 km per participant. The active participation of staff and the positive working atmosphere has resulted in a spirit of working together and getting involved.

Sponsorships and community involvement


In 2018 iLOQ concentrated its sponsorship efforts into supporting young and rising local and national talent in pursuing international careers. Sponsorship utilized in sales/customer hospitality as well as to reward staff for their exceptional efforts by providing leisure and entertainment activities.

Sponsorships in sports (2018):

  • CHL (Champions Hockey League)
  • Teemu Suninen (WRC rally driver)

University co-operation

We aim to build and maintain close ties to local higher learning institutions. For example, iLOQ has had close involvement with numerous interesting dissertation projects at local technical universities. iLOQ management has also given lectures and talks at different forums for students seen as potentially valuable future employees.


In 2018, the funds set aside for corporate Christmas gifts were donated to the funds earmarked to BSAG’s work for healthier Baltic Sea; a project aimed at the protection and restoration (oxygen enrichment) of the Baltic Sea.

Product safety

Product safety

All products with electronic/digital components are safe and low voltage. No toxic or harmful materials are used in our products.

Privacy and data protection

We have invested in cyber security in products developed by iLOQ to ensure we comply with and exceed regulatory demands in all markets. For example, all data transferred between devices, the cloud-based customer-specific servers and management software is AES 256 encrypted. Customer privacy is ensured by full GDBR compliance in all operations.

Customer grievance policy

We have standardized procedures in place for the handling of customer grievances and product returns. All cases are handled promptly. In the second half of 2018, the recorded average closing time for customer grievance cases was 7.9 days.