The “Family-Home” Building Association Siedlungswerk Baden e.V. Karlsruhe, Germany and their network of 24 affiliated co-operatives, has selected the iLOQ S10 digital locking system as the solution for the future. To help curb continuously rising rental prices in the region, the co-operative is investing heavily into the production of new affordable family housing. In 2017 the Managing Board of Siedlungswerk Baden eV Association announced that the iLOQ solution will be installed into more than 3,000 rental apartments in 2018 and more in its network of affiliated companies over the upcoming years.

The modernity of the digital solution and the highest available level of security on the market were among the key reasons iLOQ was selected. “We know we must keep up with the times,” Sebastian Merkle stated. For him, the fact that a digital solution works without batteries was also a major factor. “The fact that this system works without batteries is one of the main reasons we are changing over to iLOQ. Changing batteries in a battery-powered system would simply take up too much employee time.”

The high level of security, especially in situations concerning lost keys, was also highly valued by the co-operative. Not only is the initial set up for new buildings quick and easy, but blocking a lost key and reprogramming a new one can be done with just a few clicks of a mouse. With the first 200 apartments equipped in 2017 with iLOQ S10 locks and keys, Britta Freytag from customer service sums up her thoughts, “It only takes ten minutes to set up access rights for a whole 10-family building, and copying one extra key takes less than a minute.”

With security, ease and energy efficiency at the top of their list, the housing co-operative was happy to select iLOQ, as the provided solution has won awards and holds all the important security certifications. They also look forward to many years of replacement-free use with the fully reprogrammable lock cylinders and keys. For an Association with 24 affiliated co-operatives with a growing number of rental apartments in the region, this makes all the difference.