Economic performance in 2018

iLOQ economic performance (EUR thousand)

  • Revenue: 50,249
  • Operating costs
    • Materials and services: 22,628
    • Employee wages and benefits: 9,395
    • Total: 32,023
  • Payments to providers of capital: 10,040
  • Payments to government (taxes): 1,659
  • Financial assistance received (tax reliefs, awards, subsidies)
    • Government grants: 3

iLOQ economic benefits for customers

Positive economic impact of iLOQ products

iLOQ’s digital access management products and solutions are designed to deliver clear economic benefits to building owners and managers. In addition to superior safety and security, the products help save in labor costs associated with the management of keys, lock and key replacements and regular maintenance. The self-powered locks that utilize kinetic energy, or in the case of the S50 mobile solutions the energy from the phone, also reduce the need for regular battery changes and the cost of batteries themselves.

Total cost of ownership

The customer’s economic benefits are best seen over the solution lifecycle.
See how much you could save: