Taking big leaps in 2020

Thomas Thörewik

Joining a company that is committed to rapid internationalization is a thrilling prospect for anyone who has a passion for successful growth stories. I joined the iLOQ team as the new CSO to help further strengthen the company’s international sales capacity in both growing existing markets and numerous new geographical markets.

Executing on a solid strategy

iLOQ has a strong strategic plan in place, which we are executing on across all markets. We are equally concentrated on exploring new markets and capitalizing on the growth opportunities in strong existing markets throughout Europe. While the utilities and critical infrastructure markets with our iLOQ S50 mobile access management solution are growing in importance, we see the built environment market and the iLOQ S5 continuing to be the bread and butter of our business. Ambitious growth will continue to be a part of our strategy as we anticipate to roughly double our resources in international sales in the near future.

Starting operations in Canada in October of 2020 marked iLOQ’s first steps into the North American market. With two persons on board in Canada, and the first customer projects in multiple segments already well under way, we are happy with the flying start we have had. The iLOQ S50 product family is proving to be a great fit for the utility and infrastructure markets in Canada. We are of course looking at this new territory as our potential gateway into North America in a broader sense as well.

Starting operations in Canada marked iLOQ’s first steps into the North American market.”

Building global capabilities

Towards the end of 2020, we also hired the new Country Manager for the UK and Ireland, and we are looking to ramp up operations during 2021. We are planning to quickly strengthen our sales and service capabilities locally. There is a clear opportunity to gain momentum on the British Isles with our existing iLOQ S5 product portfolio being a natural fit for the built environment market.

Looking into the future, we see more potential for growth and international expansion. We are continuously investigating new markets in Europe and further afield. Preliminary go-to-market plans are in place for 2021 for several Eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. At the same time, we will continue to focus on strengthening our efforts in key markets such as Germany.

As we continue to expand our international operations, we are also actively building our capabilities to address the needs of global operators with multinational organizations. Our Global Key Account Team will be able to cater to the requirements of utilities and infrastructure customers with operations and sites across numerous countries. With large deals with clients such as CELLNEX, the major towerco operator with more than 110 000 telecom towers across the continent, we are actively tackling the need for centralized service beyond countries and borders.

iLOQ S50 secures service access to remote telecom towers and base stations.

Focus on the future

There is much going on in iLOQ and the future looks promising. Even as we move forward at a fast pace, we need to remember patience. It will take time before we can see the results of all our actions. Establishing a presence in new territories and building partner networks and operating models will yield results maybe a year or so down the line. I look forward to continuing on the path we are on and reporting more good news down the line.

We see more potential for growth and international expansion.”