Making life accessible with a champion

Joni Lampinen

To the surprise of many, the relationship between iLOQ and the former Formula 1 World Champion, Kimi Räikkönen, is a perfect fit. The partnership between iLOQ and one of the most famous athletes in the world came at a great time, when iLOQ was really putting its efforts into international growth and expansion. We are happy to announce that our co-operation will continue into the 2021 season.

Aligning strategic objectives

Our business strategy was to aggressively grow into selected markets and make the iLOQ brand synonymous with thought and product leadership. Our key target markets coincided well with the fan-base of Formula 1 and Kimi. We saw this partnership as a solid strategic move in the right direction. Yes, it has been a major investment, but at the same time, we would not have been able to create such international awareness in this short time even if we had spent the same money on traditional marketing and advertising. Partnering with someone with such a huge global following has taken the iLOQ name further than we could have done on our own.

Creating and recognizing opportunities

In addition to giving iLOQ international credibility, desirability and general awareness, Kimi has been an integral part of our success story as a face for our marketing efforts during the launch of both the iLOQ S5 and S50 product families. His name and personal connections have literally opened new doors to new markets and brought us new business. Due to 2020’s unusual circumstances, the stakeholder activities Kimi was involved with were focused on virtual events, webinars and online business networking.

Kimi has been an integral part of our success story.”

Building a digital presence

Our early efforts in ensuring iLOQ’s digital marketing capabilities proved valuable in these challenging pandemic circumstances. Also, Kimi’s commitment to iLOQ saw him make himself available to become the face of iLOQ’s online marketing efforts with plenty of film content produced during the past financial year. Also, even though it’s not the same thing as face-to-face contact, Kimi has been a part of our virtual online events for both external stakeholders and our own staff. In 2020, Kimi played a particularly important role in our social media channels, bringing in millions of views and engagements.

Going forward together

Kimi’s reputation as an honest, ambitious, no-nonsense race driver that would rather concentrate on either spending time on the track or with his family than taking part in the media circus mirrors iLOQ’s attitude and approach in digital access management. As I mentioned, we wanted whatever partnership we engage in to coincide with our business strategy on every level. That includes the attitude. Today Kimi’s personal brand is the perfect balance of an uncompromising professional and a father that values the safety, security and well-being of his family. We are happy and proud to continue our co-operation through the 2021 Formula 1 season and will continue to leverage this success to achieve further growth outside Europe, fulfill our plans for expansion in the East, West and Middle East and take the benefits of our solutions to new customers, partners and stakeholders on a global scale.

We want every partnership we engage in to coincide with our business strategy.”